Call for Proposal - Educational Courses


The International Organizing Committee of ECCN2017 kindly invite you to submit proposals for educational courses, teaching courses, hands-on sessions at the 16th European Conference of Clinical Neurophysiology 30 August - 2 September 2017, Budapest, Hungary.

Deadline / Submission

Submission has been closed. Thank you for sending proposals.

Suggested Themes

  • Intraoperative neurophysiology
  • Presurgical mapping for eloquent areas
  • Polysomnography (basic and advanced)
  • Basics of EEG
  • Basics of ENMG
  • Quantitative EEG
  • Source localization
  • CN in intensive care
  • CN in the assessment of autonomic functions
  • Transcranial brain stimulation
  • Neonatal EEG
  • Peripheral nerve ultrasound
  • Mathematical processing of neurophysiological signals
  • CN in the diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders

Other themes and subjects for consensus paper proposals are also welcome.

Courses are 1,5 or 3 hours (90 or 180 minutes) in length, and provide an opportunity for a group of participants to achieve a specific goal or address a particular problem. It may aim to train or educate participants in essential research or clinically-relevant skills, or to address a specific problem, or to develop a consensus on a particular issue.

Course proposals should include an interactive component and should be aimed at ONE of the following levels:

  • Introductory Level: Accessible by all delegates with no prior working knowledge of the content area.
  • Advanced Level: This course will assume a level of knowledge in the field which should be stated in the course description.

The organizer of the educational course should send a short topic description (length should be up to 400 words) and the names of the lecturers to the International Organizing Committee (email:, which accepts, or suggests changes or declines the proposal.

The final decision on the courses will be made by the International Organizing Committee by the end of November.

More specific rules to be taken into account before submitting a course proposal are:

Course facilitators are not reimbursed for travel, hotel or any other costs. Only a waived registration fee will be provided if the following criteria are met.

  • If there are 15 or more participants in a course, the main presenter will have his or her Registration fee paid by the Congress.
  • If 9-14 participants enroll in a course, the main presenter will have half the Registration fee paid by the Congress.
  • If less than 9 participants enroll, the course will be offered only if the course presenter agrees to conduct the workshop without compensation (i.e., no Registration fee waiver).

In instances in which there is more than one presenter, the second presenter will not be compensated.
In case of hands-on courses the minimum/maximum number of participants is 5 and 10, but if there are enough applicants, the course should be repeated 2-3 times.